“Ghar Ki Chai is an expression that signifies home-made chai and evokes feelings and memories of home comforts; home-made food, warmth, and quality time with family.” 



Our Story


At Ghar Ki Chai, we love our chai, but we are not big fans of the time it takes to brew a warm cuppa. We are firm believers that, with the right amount of wholesome ingredients, organically sourced tea and spices, and carefully measured blends, there is no reason why an authentic, refreshing and flavourful cup of chai can’t be made in the time it takes to make a cup of hot chocolate or English Breakfast tea. 

After several months of careful research, we set about creating our brand and design to create an authentic experience for chai lovers. Our branding and packaging has been designed to evoke a sensory experience not too dissimilar to stopping by on an Indian motorway for a “pick-me-up” in the form of a hot cup of spicy chai and some snacks and bites to go.


Frequently asked questions


Where is the tea sourced from?


We believe that the best chai requires ingredients from the most authentic of sources.  That’s why our teas originate from the Assam valley in India, from where it is shipped via Mumbai to the UK, where it is blended and then packed. 

How long does it to make the chai?


Making an authentic cup of Ghar Ki Chai is as simple as:

1) Boiling water in a kettle,
2) Adding a few teaspoons of our premium chai mix into a mug, and
3) Pouring hot water into the mug. 


Which means an authentic cup of chai can be made in under a minute!


Which is your favourite chai?


We love the Masala because it is our signature product and defines the chai experience. We also love the Kashmiri Kahwa for whiling away those cold winter nights wrapped up in a blanket with a book at hand. 


How fast is delivery? 


All our chais are shipped via express delivery for your enjoyment. Orders placed before 12PM are normally dispatched the next day and delivered within 1-2 days.

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