Story of Chai

The history of chai is inevitably intertwined with the fortunes and stories of Mumbai from over the years. Mumbai is the engine of India; it is dynamic, hectic, passionate, dramatic, and chai is the lifeblood that fuels this amazing city. 

There have been many theories propagated about the origins of chai, and it is a beverage that is admired across all corners of India. However it is the Mumbaikars that hold a special place in their hearts for this punchy little beverage, and it is they who claim this drink as theirs.

Today, chai is woven into the fabric of daily life in Mumbai. Chai vendors, known colloquially as chaiwallahs, are everywhere in Mumbai; from busy street corners to hidden alleyways, at bus depots and railway platforms, along riversides and on footpaths. You can never get too far away from the intoxicating effects of this amazing beverage - strangely, it is just as addictive as it is also liberating. 

Chai is enjoyed by many in Mumbai; by the old and young, by the locals and foreigners, and by the impoverished and the rich. It is the glue that holds the city together.  

In many parts of the city, chai comes with a culture of conversation. Whether it is a group of colleagues on a work break or strangers bonding over politics or weather talk, chai has always been the singular constant amongst these evolving and ever-changing narratives. 

Ghar Ki Chai’s unique concoctions of the highest quality spices and tea aims to transport the drinker to the heart and soul of Mumbai; it delivers a panging for everything associated with the city - the colours, the smells, the sounds, and flavours. With just one serving of our chai mix added to a mug of hot water, our chais will cast a hypnotic spell over you and keep you coming back for more.

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